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For an open webinar with international specialist in Deep System Ranking

We solve financial, family, personal, spiritual problems. Remove the barriers, open up the potential. Any problem can be solved. Any goal is achievable.

Lilia Filippova

Deep System Ranking . Any goal is achievable.

I am a specialist in Deep System Ranking, a supervisor of the DSR system, I work on Skype with people from all over the world. Behind my shoulders there is a great experience of transformations into a woman with a family, beloved business and life, full of travels and magical events!

Every day people come with a heavy, strange, painful things on them. DSR technologies allow me to set them free from generic scenarios that are repeated from generation to generation. So whole families transform the space of life around themselves, leaving in the inheritance to the children pure birth streams!

For whom?

For those who have decided to change their lives and are ready to:


For those who achieved much, sees the horizons, and feels surrounded by the glass walls and ceiling


for those who have done already a lot, but there is no clarity where to go next

Release more energy

For those who are tired of lack of energy and loss of motivation


Special abilities and potential

For spiritual development

To learn the starting level and resource of the system

Reset Repeated Scripts

Sores, unsettled relationships, unrealized in society, in money


Session happens in any convenient place. Online. 2 hours.

How is the session going?


You share your emotions - I designate the Inquiry - what you care about.


Further, by the process of Ranking, we change the connection and scenarios between You and your Inquiry. The connection changes in the Ranking - the scenario changes in life and what worried you, ceases to excite you. The Ranking works with the inner world. We change the attitude to the situation inside - we change the situation from the outside.


Diagnostic Ranking

A lighthouse in the ocean of life! It allows you to see what priorities are formed in the energy system and where to move, how the spiritual level and fate of the family affects you. Opens resources and opportunities for change.

6000 RUB

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Actual Ranking

Removes repetitive scenarios and harmonizes strong emotional states, works with goals and problems in health, relationships, money, removes barriers to growth.


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Personal Money Ranking

Clears the cash flow from inadequate layers of generic trends in spending and profits.

7700 RUB

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Training DSR-self-ranking of 1st module

Self-ranking is an effective way of self-help in solving problems and achieving goals.

14000 RUB

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Magical Egypt. Source of strength

A unique journey of filling yourself with energy at the very source of civilization. Technology of evolution.

15000 RUB

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System supervision of 1st DSR module

Escorting students of 1st module DSR. Checking the scheme of work and overcoming the barriers of practice.

5000 RUB

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Business consultant, Financial Coach
For several months, Lilia ranked me and my daughter in difficult situations. The extreme rankings were especially deep and thin. Lilia spends a tremendous amount of work on herself and shares these keys and skills with us. It is very valuable to feel support and personally to be a part of such a system and grow in it. Also I will note the diagnosis. The diagnostic arrangement in her performance is a beacon in the stormy ocean of life.
IT-business owner, ReFamily founder
With Lily we ranked tension in his relationship with my wife. Results: there appeared a clear sense of support behind the back, support of the Family. In turn, this led to the withdrawal of anxiety from any development of events and strangely enough there was more strength to remain yourself. It's been two weeks now, the effect continues to persist.If for you when choosing a conductor on the path of knowing yourself has weight my recommendation, then I recommend Lilia with an open heart!
Automobile business manager, young mother
The Ranking felt very easy to me, Lily, subtly feels what is happening, approaches the "question" thoroughly and with a soul. Usually after a conversation with a "psychologist", for some time you are in a state of euphoria, it quickly passes and everything slips into a state before the visit. Now, the sensation of the internal nerve and irritation has changed into calm and relaxed. Negative stimuli quickly release, instead of keeping a long time, as before.
I approached several specialists for help establishing a basic loyalty to death. The rest did not dare, and Lily was not afraid. We worked for a month. This is a deep and interesting work. First, Lilia works very clearly - does everything that we agree on. Second, she does the Ranking cleanly and systematically - I felt the effect in direct contact and without. Results: when Lilia begins to do the Ranking - removes the veil from some processes that separate me from the importance and deep resources.
The owner of the fitness center
Lilia, you can not even imagine how grateful I am to you, I was very worried about my move from my native city." I did not know how to leave the business, clients, how to organize everything, but what worried me most was how my parents react. We have never even talked about it, but suddenly the conversation went by itself and parents offered to help with housing in another city. I'm happy. And the biggest indicator for me was that I became calmer with my family and stopped breaking down on them. My aggression began to go to a peaceful course. For example, I learned to speak clearly: "No!", To unfavorable offers. Although previously mumbled and kept silent. From the heart!


After the Ranking, life begins to change. And you will have a desire to share your feelings with someone who understands. Join our chat rooms on Telegram.


I write about the magical round-the-world trip, the ways to achieve the ideal cash flow and much more on the path of self-development!